Friday, May 18, 2012

Sim Six - Ngesrep, Semarang

Everyone who lives around Ngesrep I though already knew this place, it's Sim Six. Located not far away for 'Patung Kuda' Tembalang.
Sim Six sell some western, chinese, and indonesian food.
Like steak, steamboat, fried rice, and etc.
You can find a lot of variation of food.

The food in this place mostly is very good. On that day when I was take the picture I order packet menu that got rice, fish katsu, soup, salad, and perkedal. The fish cooked well done because you still can feel the taste is juicy, and the perkedel (mash potatoes mould around and then fry) is mix with some beef and has strong flavor. You can also find omellet in this place. You should try the omellet in this place. The omellet has smooth texture, when you patch in the middle of omellet you can find a lot of beef and cooked well.

For the price it's about 11000 - 50000an rupiahs. It's cheap enough for kind of food like those.

The packet is about Rp 15.500


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